Welcome to the Universal Healing Tao’s Qigong and Tai Chi program of seated & standing meditations, inner breathing, simple exercises and graceful movements to balance and cultivate flowing chi towards promoting radiant health.  These non-combative meditations compliment and enhance any fitness or martial arts program. 

Physical Requirements

Qigong has something for everyone at any physical level.  Many of the core practices require little effort; seated in a chair with easy or no body movements.  You should be able to participate in group guided meditation and group learning.  Ideally, you should have the physical capability to walk unassisted up a flight of stairs and stand unassisted for three minutes to perform the "moving" Qigong meditations and Tai Chi.  Students are encouraged to perform at their own comfort level.     
Please contact a doctor as necessary with any questions regarding your ability to perform "Tai Chi".  

Appropriate Dress
Students should wear comfortable clothing that is not restrictive. Wear clothing you'd  wear around home, gym or yoga studio.  Martial Art uniforms or special clothing are not necessary.  Classes may be held in a carpeted or tiled floor.  To assume proper body alignments, footwear should be flat soled without change in elevation or shoe-less as you prefer. The lesser structure and padding within the shoe the better.  It's always acceptable if a person needs arch support or has other structural needs.  

During class, you may choose to sit or lie on the floor during certain meditations; bring a towel or yoga mat if you desire.  Chairs are provided.    

Troy CEP Classes
Class 1:  Beginner   No Prerequisites  
1) Inner Smile
2) Simple Qigong
3) Six Healing Sounds
4) Microcosmic Orbit

Description: The core focus of Class 1 is to de-mystify the “practice of” Qigong and familiarize the student with the Universal Healing Tao’s Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit and the Six Healing Sound practices.  At the end of the semester, the student should have a clear understanding of how to perform these practices daily.  Physical requirements will be geared towards an active senior citizen and will include both seated and moving meditations.  Class 1 or 2 can be taken in either order as well as repeated.  

Class 2:  Beginner   No Prerequisites  
5) Class 1 Requisites 
6) Breathing Techniques
7) Qigong Exercises for Joints and Tendons
8) Primordial Tai Chi (aka Tai Chi for Enlightenment or Wuji Gong)
Description: Class 2 will review Class 1 core practices daily as well as introduce Qigong breathing and joint/tendon exercises with predominant focus being the Primordial Tai Chi form.  At the end of the second semester, the student should have a solid foundation of Qigong basic practices along with a simple Tai Chi form of flowing continuous movements.  Physical requirements will be geared towards an active senior citizen and will include both seated and moving meditations.  Class 1 or 2 can be taken in either order as well as repeated.   

Class 3:  Ongoing Students  Prerequisite: Classes 1 & 2
1) Tao Yin 
2) Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1
3) Tai Chi Chi Kung 1
4) Other Qigong Techniques 
Description: Class 3 is an ongoing class for students wanting to explore the Universal Healing Tao’s remaining primary levels.  As a prerequisite, students must complete Class 1 & 2 and affirm their own practice of the Inner Smile, MCO and Six Healing Sounds with a certified UHT instructor prior to acceptance as a Class 3 student.

Please Note: UHT Certification may require direct instruction with a Senior UHT instructor.  These classes optimize you for that study.