Beauty of Inner Smile Meditation

posted Jul 14, 2012, 9:01 PM by Joseph Roesch   [ updated Aug 23, 2012, 9:35 AM ]

If I were a poet, I might describe the Inner Smile (IS) as the beautiful flower on a thorny cactus, the oasis in the dessert, the single bloom on my potted plant, hope where all hope seemed lost…   To me it’s the beauty among the chaos that exists all around us if we were to simply open up and observe. 

Inner Smile meditation was my very first Mantak Chia practice.  I devoted my “100 Days of practice”, I embraced it, loved it and made it my own; I got my Merit badge.  As time progressed and the toy box grew, my focus shifted to newer and shinier practices.  IS was always there with me, integrated with my practice but not separate.   

Julia, my close friend and UHT Instructor, told me a story of her student with only one lung and surprisingly doctors discovering new lung tissue forming.  I asked Julia what practices her student did, “The Inner Smile is all he does”.   Humbled, I remember my nagging mantra to my martial arts students of stressing the importance of “Fundamentals” (stances and technique) as the cornerstone to any good martial artist. 

Inner Smile is simplest, humble and unassuming practice there is and embodies what is truly Qigong.  It acts as a flashlight in the darkness inspecting and empowering our inner self with unconditional love and acceptance.   We don’t need to be Qigong masters to appreciate the simple things in life like a sunrise, thunderstorm, wildflower or even the Inner Smile.           

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