Qigong / Tai Chi

Joseph Roesch life journey began in 1981 as simple desire in exploring the then unknown Eastern Arts.  After achieving high distinctions in Karate (35+ years) and Kung Fu (17 years) concurrently, I dedicated myself to teaching Martial Arts to people of all ages.       
My eyes were opened to Qigong when I read my first Mantak Chia book in 1998: “Wow, here’s someone explaining how the internal aspects of 'Chi' works!”  I vowed then to become a Mantak Chia Healing Tao instructor.  My Healing Tao practice began with Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds; only 3 weeks of practice ended years of restless sleep; solidifying Qigong's "healing" claim with measured results.  Moving forward, I embarked on a dedicated pace of study and practice with Grand Master Chia and the finest Senior Instructors available within the Universal Healing Tao.  

I consider myself the Eternal student, learning as much from students as they do from me.  I'm very proud in being an UHT Certified Instructor and look forward to expanding my Qigong and Tai Chi.  Special thanks go out to Master Chia, Michael Winn and Marie Favorito for their support in my development.                               

UHT Courses of Study/Certification:
Tao BasicsCertified Full Instructor (BA)
Primordial Qigong (Tai Chi)Certified Instructor
Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1, Certified Instructor (IS1)
Tai Chi Chi Kung 1, Certified Instructor (TC1)
- Fusion of the Five Elements  1, 2, 3
- Tao Yin                        
- Healing Love
- Iron Shirt 2 – Tendon Nei Gong
- Stem Cell Qigong
- Kan & Li: Lesser, Greater and Greatest

Studied with Qigong Masters and Senior Instructors:
- Mantak Chia, Grand Master
- Saumya Comer