Primordial Tai Chi (aka Wuji Gong & Tai Chi for Enlightment)

About 800 years ago Chang Sen-Feng founded the original Tai Chi Chuan 13 movement form for self defense. He also created a second short form that applied Tai Chi for "Enlightenment" rather than self defense.  This short form moved secretly from master to master and has many names: 
Primordial Tai ChiTai Chi for Enlightment, Wuji Gong and Primordial QiGong.  This easy to learn form of graceful, beautiful and effortless spirals is designed to gather "Qi" (Chi or life force) and fuse it within our human body.    
Primordial Tai Chi is a 15 minute form of Living Qi Gong that gathers Qi from all directions.  It promotes balanced energy from the environment integrated into our physical and energy bodies.  Being a living form, as you practice you receive the Qi of all the people who practiced it before you including the legendary founder and Tao Immortal Chang San-Feng.  
In understanding Tai Chi for Enlightenment, we have an outer self or personality; body and how we perceive ourselves as a physical being. We also have as inner self; dreams, thoughts feelings and the unconscious mind.  At our deepest level of being, we have an original self; your face before you were born or Original Spirit.  Enlightenment is letting our original self express through all the other layers of our being so we unify all 3 aspects of ourselves into one functioning whole.
Primordial Tai Chi is designed to strengthen the connection to your original self so it starts to express in our actions, thoughts, feelings and way of being in the world. We start to make decisions that nourish the unfoldment of this original self and allows our outer personality become more and more an expression of it.  The Wuji Gong taught is Micheal Winn's (circa 2011) version as mentored directly by Master Zhu Hui.