Moving Qi Gong (from Michael Winn)

Key Moving Practices:
   1) Ocean Breathing
   2) Deep Earth Pulsing

Microcosmic Orbit:
   1) Crossing the Great Ocean - Swimming movements open front and back channels
     a. Arms swing forward, legs crouch in diving position, mind focus INHALE into lower dan-tien
     b. Spine ripples like a snake as you stand, pushing feet and palms down, mind focus EXHALE into ming-men.
     c. Palms hold chi ball behind the back for a moment, before repeating the first move
   2) Embracing the Sun and Moon - Opens left and right sides of the body, their deep channels
     a. Both arms float up to sides, pause to hold sun (left) and moon (right)
     b. Allow rib-cage to open, mind feels lower palm is lifting Kidney up to the sun / moon
     c. Eyes always look above the heart level
     d. Lift right heal when raising left and v.v.
     e. Closing: feet stay flat, open rib-cage wider as arm movements diminish
   3) Waterwheel Scoop Chi - Opens Front Channel
     a. Continuous circling of left and right arms in towards the from channel
     b. Palms always stay in front of the body, no L/R weight shifting
   4) Spiral in Expanding Orbits - Opens full Microcosmic Orbit 
     a. Palms stay facing each other at all times
     b. Begin with the lower orbit in front of the dan tien, gradually orbit expands up the microcosmic orbit.
     c. Do at least 9x deep squats (full circles)
     d. Mind focus inhales up spine, down front
   5) Marriage of Heaven and Earth - Opens Macro and Microcosmic Orbits 
     a. Macro-cosmic
        - Pull Chi from the earth, mind focus on back channel, 
        - Palms meet behind the head, connecting palms and elbows, follow front line down to dan tien 
        - Palms always face the body 
     b. Macro-cosmic
        - Soft fists pull Kidney Chi (jing) up the spine as shoulders roll 
        - Allow hips to sink, mind moves in expanding internal orbits