Form Movements

Begin your facing East, Feet SW apart, joints relaxed, armpits open, drop tailbone and feel grounded, perform as a whole body movement.  The Earth Cycle completes facing one quarter turn to the right of the previous Earth Cycle.     

1) Front/Back Channels (Microcosmic Orbit)
     a. Earth Chi Rises
     b. Heaven Chi Falls

2) Side Channels 
     a.  Form Chi Ball Lower Dan Tien (LDT), right hand low
     b.  Split Chi, shift weight right, Yin - right hand rises & left hand falls
     c.  Shift weight even, Form Chi Ball (LDT), left hand low
     d.  Split Chi, shift weight right, Yang - left hand rises / right hand falls

3) Front / Back Channels (Microcosmic Orbit) 
     a.  Shift weight even, form Chi Ball (LDT), hands facing one another
     b.  Spiral Chi Ball behind, up and around, back to the LDT
     c.  Spiral Chi Ball down into the Earth, behind and up around to the Heart 

4) Heart  Dan Tien & Upper Dan Tien
    a. Spiral Chi Ball through the Heart Dan Tien, hands facing one another, Heart height
    b. Spiral Chi Ball to the right – Yin/Past/Moon; weight turns, head height, left hand/elbow low
    c. Spiral Chi Ball opposite direction – Yang/Future/Sun; right hand/elbow low
    d. Repeat step 4.b   

5) Core Channel
    a. Shift weight even, Form Chi Ball (LDT), right hand low
    b. Rotate Chi Ball inward, one full rotation
    c. Turn Left 

6) Side Channel 
    a. Hands face one another holding Chi Ball (while turning)
    b. Left hand gathers Chi by scoping left, right hand performs opposite symmetrical movement, weight on the left (from     the turn)
    c. Shifting weight to the right, Right hand gathers Chi by scoping right, left hand performs opposite symmetrical            movement
    d. Repeat step 6.d
    e. Repeat step 6.c

7) Turn, repeat step 5

8) Repeat step 6

9) Closing:  
    a. Embrace Cauldron, arms out, weight even 
    b. Scoop Elixir, bending knee’s reaching down, hands apart
    c. Raise Chi to Upper Dan Tien (head), palms together, breath in and down to the Lower Dan Tien
    d. Palms rest over the Lower Dan Tien, 3 breath pause

The Heaven Cycle begins facing the direction of the completed Earth Cycle.

1) Turn

2) Dragon Washes Face 
    a. Right Hand corner scoop, 
    b. Form Chi Ball, right hand low, 
    c. Split Chi, shift weight right, right hand upward
    d. Shift weight to the left as right hand washes chi down left side, left hand perform opposite symmetrical movement 
    e. Shift weight to the right as left hand washes chi down right side, right hand perform opposite symmetrical                   movement
    f. Repeat steps 2.d and 2.e 4 more times

3) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 

4) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 

5) Repeat Steps 1 and 2 

6) Stir the Cauldron (9 times)
    a. Right hand circles facing LDT, weight shifting left
    b. Left hand circles facing LDT, weight shifting right
    c. Repeat step a
    d. Repeat step b
    e. Repeat step a
    f. Repeat step b
    g. Repeat step a
    h. Repeat step b
    i. Repeat step a

7) Closing movement from the Earth Cycle

The completion of a full cycle (single Earth and Heaven) concludes facing a new direction: one quarter turn right, from the initial direction of the Earth cycle.  The entire form should include an additional 3 full cycles of Earth and Heaven ending facing East, the starting direction.  


Physical: Be relaxed and effortless as possible; do not eat prior to practice. Regular clothes are usually ok. 

Mental Attitude: Maintain a calm mind and Smiling attitude of appreciation.  Accept yourself exactly as you are and simply release your thoughts leaving yourself open to the supreme unknown (Primordial Chi or WuJi).    

Breathing: Forget about your breathing!  For Primordial Tai Chi; breathing must be spontaneous and uncontrolled; contrary to martial art forms.

Position of the Tongue: Your tongue should be touching the roof of your mouth during practice.  It’s a bridge connecting the two major chi flows of your body.  Top of the palate is preferred over near the teeth.  Place your tongue where it is most comfortable.    

Turning: All turns are performed to the left quarter turn.  Begin turning with the left foot; shift weight to the right, lift left foot up and rotate foot quarter turn on the heal.  Step forward by shifting the weight on the left foot and adjusting the right foot forward.     

Practice: Follow a 100 days practice rule, best times are early morning and early evening